What You Need to Know About the Buying Process

The entire process of buying a house can be divided into six general steps:

Step 1: Hire Me

The moment you consider buying a home in the Greater Savannah GA area, it is best to contact me immediately so we can talk about the current market conditions and what you can expect throughout the process. Buying a home can be overwhelming to try to go alone. You, as a Buyer, need your own representation in what will be one of the largest investments you make in your lifetime, and it is helpful that a professional will be by your side to guide you through it all.

The real estate market is different from state to state and a local expert, like me, will be the best person to discuss it with. Did I mention that this is a free service for you in most cases because the seller pays commissions in Georgia? If an attorney was giving you free legal advice, wouldn’t you take it? Don’t make the mistake of doing this alone.

Step 2: Secure Financing

Getting pre-approval for a loan helps you know how much you can really spend on buying that home. We can provide you a list of great and trusted lenders for you to choose from to see which lender is best for you.  **Tip: STAY AWAY FROM INTERNET LENDERS, CREDIT UNIONS, & BIG BANK LENDERS. You want someone you can reach out and shake if necessary….someone who only does this type of work…and someone familiar with LOCAL programs, taxes, etc.  Many bigger banks and internet lenders also use appraisers that are not familiar with the area, which is typically a disaster and not in your best interest.

Step 3 Finding Your Home

In this step, we will help you look into the list of properties that meets your wants and needs and will have the things that are most important to you. You are looking for a home, not just a house and we know that, so we will help you review the properties that are on the market that meet your criteria, and advise you of our knowledge of the local areas, schools, taxes, and other factors that you may not be aware of.

Step 4: Make an Offer

One of our main goals is to find you the BEST home at the LEAST price for you to ensure that this is a good long-term investment for you.  It is best to know how much the fair price of the home would be in the market and we will help you with negotiations and counter offers to make the most out of your money.  So much more than just the price goes into the offer, though.  For a better understanding of what to offer on a home, make sure you hire us first.  We are trained to make sure your interests are protected, and we know what to ask for on your behalf to make sure you are protected.

Step 5: Get Inspections

In this process, we will set up inspections to ensure that the house is in good shape and that there are no issues with the home what so ever. We have a list of local, reputable home inspectors for you to choose from.  For your protection, GET A HOME INSPECTION.  If there are any needed repairs, we can negotiate again with the sellers during your inspection period.

Step 6: Closing

There are other steps before this that you will take with your Lender, but this is the last step with us. This includes the sweetest part in the entire buying process.  This is what all of our hard work has lead up to… receiving the key to your new home!

We know the process can be overwhelming, which is why we pride ourselves on helping you through it.  We would love to be your trusted advisor and to help you get into your home.

If you are thinking about buying a home, call The Trisha Cook Team right away or visit us and I will help you through the whole buying process to make it easier in getting your dream home.